Talking Heads……..


It’s been a busy time- I have finally got myself together, and have been displaying my artwork at Direct Art Action Central, at the Gracechurch Centre, Sutton Coldfield.  I’m just prepping my third collection to go on display.  Check out their facebook page at,

I’ve also been working on a bit of a different piece.  Whilst renovating our home, I came across some old newspaper, that had been blocking up an old fireplace.  The paper was ‘The News’, from Friday October 25th, 1968, and the local information I found just so interesting. Houses that cost £4,450, cars that cost £475, and local news stories that were factual, not dramatized.  I have always thought that I have been born into the wrong era, and I got my rose tinted glasses on about how I would have loved to be living in the 60’s. I didn’t want to get rid of it, so I decided to turn it into an art piece.

I thought the artwork should be corresponding , so I got a hold of a recent local paper and tried to find news stories, house prices and car prices to compare. I found a local paper, ‘Sutton Coldfield Observer’, from Friday April 20th, 2018. Houses cost £475,00 and cars were from £11,495.  Whilst a lot of my artwork is based on inner beauty, I find this comparative piece quite an ugly documentation of the reality in which we now live.  Where greed, and advancement, and because of the way we are now inundated with news, reporting is sensationalist beyond belief.

I hope you like the heads.



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